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WELCOME TO Make My Shift Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd.

We provide a smooth delivery of various things related to your furniture or either your workhouse materials to the specific place mentioned. It is a home based company now but will land up into various more cities according to the tracking provided.

We have all the types of transportations that will make a easy for your materials to move up into certain place . We have a delicate members where we can ensure you the best results and the safe landing to your products .

Benifits Of Working With Us

As it is mentioned already we pack and deliver the goods very professionally . Unlike other kinds of general movers . We are accountable for everything we do while shifting your goods . Sometimes, when goods are asked to transport the goods to another cities or any outside area of the town . The general movers they do not claim a secured and safe dispatch of goods . And this creates a havvoc to the clients . So, regarding this and keeping the view very specifically we provide an insurance department that handles all the things that caused dammage to your product and we also take all the liability. We have a authorized team with all legal requirements that omits any type of fraudent and stilling of goods unlike others who don't have appropriate measures.

So it's our request to check the ground reality of anything before trying them and be safe from all the duplicates movers , those are inguldged in all type of stealing and misplacing your products . Make a wise decision to choose the certified ones, like us.

"Stay Connected and Closer To Your Destination With Us".

SOP's We Are Following Admist Covid

In this Pandemic time too, we are trying our best to reach out the people genuinely and play a integral part of their liitle exchangement of places. This is only the starting we are going to reach the milestones really soon . With the help of you people always primarily. We have tried and will try to provide the etiquette means of communication and transportation we can provide you with honesty and hard-working.

As we are there for you each time, make sure you reach us and make your movement counts with us and live a great and invetible journey with us.

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We go for giving 100 % satisfaction to our clients and building solid associations with them. For this reason we don't trade off in quality and we make sure that every one of our clients get top quality administrations. It is our quality that talks about our prosperity.
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